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NewsExperience the energy and fitness that yoga brings to you with us

Experience the energy and fitness that yoga brings to you with us

Yoga is not just a form of exercise; it’s also a philosophy. During practice, we not only need to maintain a calm mind but also cultivate a dialogue with our bodies, develop inward focus, and self-discipline. This is particularly beneficial as a counterbalance to our fast-paced, superficial “fast-food culture” that lacks depth, reflection, and essential self-discipline.

From the perspective of sports medicine, among all forms of exercise, only yoga nurtures Qi (energy). To truly achieve longevity and a high-quality life, it’s essential to clear meridians, nourish Qi and blood, and cultivate the vital breath that sustains life. Traditional Chinese medicine says that by stretching one inch of tendon, one can add ten years to life.

Thus, as we age and may no longer have the physical stamina for vigorous dancing or other exercises, yoga, with its emphasis on nurturing Qi and stretching, becomes the best form of exercise for us.

There are many types of yoga, including classical yoga, modern yoga, aerial yoga, ball yoga, power yoga, and flow yoga. Merely understanding the theory isn’t enough; one must feel and experience it, aligning with the body’s needs. The ultimate goal is to harmonize and replenish internal energy, which is the true essence of health.

Yoga is not just exercise; it’s also philosophy. Its expression should also encompass beauty and ritual. Therefore, the chanting and singing before classical yoga classes are something that Yoyo, our teacher, particularly values and emphasizes.

Course Content:
Accuracy is crucial in skill acquisition, and learning yoga is no exception. Hence, we start with the most fundamental principles and postures of yoga tailored to beginners.

The course will strictly follow the teaching system of the Morarji Desai Institute of Yoga (Morarji Desai Institute of Yoga – the official and most authoritative yoga institution in India), using the most classic and orthodox “Classical Yoga” materials divided into “Practical” and “Theoretical” sections. The aim is to help students establish a solid foundation.

We all know that yoga, especially classical yoga, is an excellent practice for health and fitness. It involves deep stretching and emphasizes the intervention of breathing, aligning well with our ancient Chinese medical traditions of “stretching” and “nurturing Qi.”

Moreover, yoga itself is very popular in North America. Whether it’s Ashtanga yoga, flow yoga, Yin yoga, ball yoga, hot yoga, power yoga, or aerial yoga, they all originate from classical yoga.

This event is organized by the Vaughan Multicultural Community Center.

Instructor: Teacher Yoyo

A top graduate from the leading brand in classical yoga, “Indo-Siva Yoga Instructor Training.” Yoyo is a seasoned yoga practitioner and instructor, proficient in classical yoga, Ashtanga yoga, ball yoga, aerial yoga, and yoga dance. She is also a competitive dancer in International Standard Modern Dance and International Latin Dance.

Classes start on March 14th, with a total of 10 sessions.

Time: Every Tuesday evening from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Location: 9500 Dufferin Street, Vaughan.


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