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EventsCelebrating the National Day, Ren Ya's Teacher and Students' Art Exhibition opens...

Celebrating the National Day, Ren Ya’s Teacher and Students’ Art Exhibition opens in Toronto.

On October 1st, 2022, a unique Chinese painting exhibition took place at the New Renaissance Academy Bilingual School in Vaughan, Toronto. The exhibition was organized by the Vaughan Multicultural Community Association and co-hosted by the Atlantic Artists Association, the Canadian International Photography Art Exchange Association, the North American Mobile Photography Association, the Canada Yunnan Chamber of Commerce, and Wealth Life Limited Company.

This exhibition marked the first teacher-student art exhibition held by Chinese painter Ren Ya in Canada. A total of 112 artworks were showcased, with the exhibition opening on October 1st and running for eight days until October 9th.

Ren Ya, the artist

Ms. Ren Ya, the artist, first introduced the significance of this painting exhibition. She mentioned that she had previously held solo exhibitions, but this was her first time organizing a teacher-student art exhibition. She expressed immense pride and joy, noting that every artwork on display was the result of the hard work and dedication of both teachers and students. She hoped that everyone present could take their time to appreciate and enjoy each piece.

During the opening ceremony, Jennifer Zhu the president of the Vaughan Multicultural Community Association, and Pan Chen, the chairman of New Renaissance Academy Bilingual School, also delivered speeches.

Jennifer Zhu president of VMCA

Mr. Zhu Jennifer, the president of the Vaughan Multicultural Community Association, expressed in her speech that she was delighted to have the opportunity to co-host this exhibition with Ms. Ren Ya. The goal of the Vaughan Multicultural Community Association is to provide a platform for residents to exchange ideas and establish a diverse cultural center. The association is dedicated to serving the community wholeheartedly, promoting cultural exchange among different groups of people. Residents of Vaughan are warmly invited to participate in the association’s activities regularly.

Mr. Chen Bingding, the chairman of New Renaissance Academy Bilingual School, also spoke during the opening ceremony. He extended his heartfelt congratulations on the organization of Ms. Ren Ya’s art exhibition. He expressed his happiness in seeing so many children learning to paint and developing a love for art. He hoped to see more students join in and experience the beauty of art.

he beauty of a landscape painting cannot be surpassed by its clear elegance, nor can the brilliance of immortal dew pearls match its clarity and luster. Chinese traditional painting primarily embodies a unique Eastern artistic style, with its vibrant scenes depicting the “rhythm of life.” “Qi” (energy) is the foundation and distinctive feature of Chinese traditional painting. “Qi” creates an organic connection between various elements within the painting, achieving a harmonious and natural feeling of “unity of Qi.” This reflects the integrity and resilience of the Chinese people, representing one of the outstanding traditional cultures of the Chinese nation and symbolizing the Chinese spirit. Promoting China’s excellent traditional culture overseas is the mission and responsibility of every Chinese descendant.

Carving out a beautiful jade, success comes naturally with effort. Each painting and calligraphy piece, with its vibrant colors, simple and natural quality, and childlike innocence, embodies the dedication of the teachers and fully showcases the students’ love for life and pursuit of art. Within the dry and wet brushstrokes, a perfect world is depicted; each stroke carries boundless emotions, and life is embellished with a variety of colors through rich and subtle ink shades. There, you’ll find freely expressive romantic doodles, captivating lines that flow like dragons and snakes, endless creativity, and a dazzling array of wonders.

With an open heart, ink flows onto the paper’s edge,
With a raised brush, blossoms and fruits come to life on the page.
Through brush and ink, tales of splendor unfold,
Capturing wondrous sentiments, tales told and retold.

Ren Ya and her students hope to use their brushes to depict their beautiful wishes for life and enchanting scenes. As China’s National Day approaches, all teachers and students send their blessings: may the motherland prosper, its people live in happiness and peace, and all dreams come true.

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